Saturday, August 15, 2015

Miss Goody Two-Shoes by Charlotte Hughes

25949189This was a sweet story; guy gets wrongfully convicted and spends some time in jail through his last year before being released when the truth comes out, he receives letters from a mysterious girl that give him hope.

Melanie "Mel" Abercrombie has been writing letters to Kane Stoddard for a year now and has never gotten a reply so when he shows up out of the blue in her small town, she freaks out and thinks Shawshank. 

Well, once Mel learns Kane didn't escape and these two get to know each other they form a really strong bond.

The chemistry between Kane and Mel was very present; however, what I didn't like was that Mel was just too good, her sister was such a Queen-B and Mel never stands up to her. Not only that, in general Mel was just too unrealistically nice; her mother abandons them and when they remeet, she doesn't shout or tell her off or anything. Even when her father is being unreasonable, she never gets mad. Kane I found more enjoyable, he seemed more realistic; guy grows up on the wrong side of the track bit of a hoodlum, but not a bad guy, gets wrongfully convicted for murder and has a bit of rage; more believable. 

The only reason I found the story enjoyable is because of the way both lead characters come together to complement each other.

Rating 4 out of 5 

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