Monday, February 9, 2015

Mastering The Marquess (Bound and Determined #1) by Lavinia Kent

20823657This is one of those classical romance novels that takes place in the time of horse drawn carriages. The story was entertaining and really delivers for its genre as one of those historical romance novels.

Louisa was married to her childhood sweetheart, but due to some war injuries certain marital duties where never performed. After his death she decides she want to remarry, but doesn't want anyone thinking less of him; to solve her dilemma she ventures to the brothel of Madame Rouge, who agrees to help her.

Louisa disguised as Grace has a liaison with Charles (real name Geoffrey) and from there goes on her way. Eventually Louisa does remarry and she marries Geoffrey, neither one knowing they've already met.

The story was amusing, especially with how long it takes them to figure out who the other is; we get a lot of drama and a somewhat very disturbing villain. My only problem with these historical romances is the whole double standard on what is okay for a woman to do and what is okay for a man to do. Overall, I say it was a descent read and I would be interested in seeing what else this author has to offer.

Rating 4 out of 5

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