Saturday, February 14, 2015

Going to the Chapel by Rita Herron

23288973Izzy Sassafras has left her husband and taken all she could, only problem is, her husband is a criminal set on finding her.

Enter Private Detective Levi Fox, who gets hired to find her. All he has to do is find the runaway wife and earned some cold hard cash; only problem is that between him conducting is own investigation and playing an undercover groom, he fall for her.

Izzy has run home to Matrimony, Georgia and is looking to mend all her broken fences and start over with a new business.

Trying to make a new go at it as a wedding shop owner means she can't fall for her very first client. 

The entire story almost takes place during one week, normally I would not have an issue with that because it's like a love at first sight; but for some reason, I didn't feel that the characters really connected, especially with everything else that was going on a sub-story. Either way, there were a quite a few scenes that make me laugh and smile, so it was a good story.

Rating 3 out of 5

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