Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Learning To Love (Carson Hill Ranch, #1) by Amelia Rose

This one is real short and quick, I got it free on iTunes and it was so funny. 

Bernard is in his 70's and he wants to see his sons married and with children; he married late and his wife died about 10 years ago [in the story timeline], but since his sons have no inclination to marry he decides to meddle. How does a 70 year old meddle, he creates an online profile on a dating site for his sons [don't allow your parents near a computer] so he can move things along. 

Miranda is a bad relationship and her little sister Gracie decides to intervene by creating her an online profile, eventually she finds out and she continues the conversations with Casey [Bernard actually pretending to be him]; when things get really bad in her relationship, she flees with her little sister Gracie and since they had nowhere to go, so she decides to accept Casey's [Bernard] invitation to come to the ranch. 

Casey is very irritated with his father's idea, especially when he is sent to pick up a city girl who he believe will be very high maintenance and annoying. Miranda and Casey butt heads immediately but after suffering an accident caused by Jack one of the two bad guys in the book and Miranda nurses him, Casey tries to stop being such a jerk. Well, after they can both store their attitudes, they eventually have sparks fly left and right. 

Miranda's ex Mike comes along with thoughts of revenge for Miranda's leaving him and well, they deal with him the old west style. 

The only reason this story lost points with me is that they skip a lot of details, like how where the bad guys fully dealt with, maybe a date or two for Miranda and Casey, just saying.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

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