Sunday, July 27, 2014

Married to a Rogue by Donna Lea Simpson

Could not get behind this romance 

Baxter claims to love his wife Emily yet he sends her away 
Then he takes on a slew of mistresses until settling with Belle for a while 

He stops having a relationship with Belle because he develops paternal feeling toward her, like eww 

Then he "realizes" he really loves Emily, whom he hasn’t seen in 5 years and he only comes to this realization after he sees how she is getting attention from another man 

Granted this story is staged in a time when this was the norm, married rich guys from London's upper echelon take on lovers while being married, but this story is just so bad 

Emily is so nice and you just feel so bad for her, because she actually loves her husband 

Etienne is introduced as a romantic interest for Emily, except in the end he just disappears and then dies 

Too many characters are introduced and they really don’t do anything for the story 

Baxter doesn't apologize to Emily until the very end and it really doesn't seem like they  have a real resolution of their problems, the end is just too rushed 

Belle was an insufferable and grotesque character in my opinion, the author tries to redeem her at the end but it didn't seem good 

Another thing that I absolutely hated was that there was so much mention of Emily's weight, which based on the description, she wasn't fat, she just had the body of a woman in her 30's not the teenage physique of Belle who was supposedly 18 or 19 in the book (so again eww because Baxter is 42 and he started his relationship with her when she was like 16)

Of all the characters introduced the only two I actually found enjoyable were Less, the theater owner and fried of Baxter and Emily; and Dodo, the elderly aunt of Baxter and friend of Emily's 

I know in all these stories, the guys are always jerks who redeem themselves but this one just wasn't good

Rating 2 out of 5

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