Monday, July 7, 2014

The Illegitimates by Taran Killam, Marc Andreyko, Kevin Sharpe (Illustrations)

The art was good, however, the plot has been used too many times so the beginning of this series suffered for it, at least in my book. 

The story starts of showing the escapades of Jack Steele super spy/James bond of his generation. Like any super spy, he liked the ladies had a bunch of affairs and 5 bastard children. 

But, what story isn't complete without the super spy having a relationship with his assistant; and if you guessed that she eventually ended knocked up, well you were right, but he persuaded her to have an abortion by arguing that then their relationship would be discovered. Guy should have probably learned how to use a glove, because when she finds out he was having kids left and right and forced her to give up hers, well she helps with early retirement [that scene was so gruesomely drawn]. So, when they announce there's a traitor you immediately know its her. 

When the bad guy wants to take over the world, the spy agency recruits the 5 bastards to stop him and they become the new super spies. 

This was the first book of what will be a series and for a starter it was good, again plot has been done a million times, but still entertaining. I’m just hating, because I always feel bad for the assistant that was so in love with the douche bag of a spy.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

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