Monday, April 28, 2014

The Professional by Kresley Cole

Its an entertaining read, it covers all the bases; girl like boy, boy has [a ton] issues; criminals; a palace; and a lot of drama. 

Natalie Porter is on a quest to find her biological parents and in the middle of her quest enters tall, dark and handsome Aleksei "The Siberian" Sevastyan. The attraction is mutual, but he's a Mafiya enforcer and his boss is her daddy. 

Their first encounter is way crazy and things heat up with them real quickly. Sevastyan immediately whisk her of to Russia to meet the long lost father; and well, things get hectic fast and soon Sevastyan is protescting Natalie, dodging bullets and kicking ass. 

When the enemy gets to close for comfort Sevastyan takes Natalie to Paris and their romance keeps getting weirder or hotter, depends on your point of view.

For its genre this book is okay, but I needed more resolution, I mean come on, most of the book Sevastyan is a jerk to Natalie and she just takes it.

Sevastyan has way too many issues to ever be a truly likable character and don't even get me started on Natalie's friend. If I told one of my friends I'm a foreign country with a hit-man they'd freak, not be like "is he hot?", normal people would not take to cool to all of a sudden being involved with the mob.

I also didn't like the end of the book, in like 4 pages Sevastyan finally redeems himself, no, I need a few more pages. I hope the next book in the series answers/fills-in the extra stuff I wanted to know/read. Again, still an entertaining read, I'm just neurotic and tend to over analyze books I get too into.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

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