Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sex Criminals Volume 1 by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky

This was a super-hilarious graphic novel, I'ma say right now this novel is just for adults because it is a bit graphic (they actually start the book off with sex in the bathroom). 

The story is about Suzie and Jon, however, the story is mainly told from Suzie's point of view and she is really the main character of the story. The story begins with Suzie telling the story of how her father died and later discovering that when she has an orgasm she can actually freeze time. For a long time Suzie believes that she is the only one with that ability. At a party she meets Jon an actor/secretary (yeah, he's that confident, he actually calls himself a secretary not an assitant); Suzie and Jon hit it off and well they have sex and in the process discover that holy shit they can both stop time.

Suzie and Jon get to know each other and eventually well come on you can stop time, what are you gonna do? Yeah, they turn to crime (its for a good cause at least for Suzie, she wants to save her local library) and in the process learn about the Sex-Time Police (I know right, it's such a funny name). The novel ends with a cliff hanger and the book is titled "Volume 1" so we will get to see more of the Sex-Time Police (god, that sounds like perfect name for a Comedy Central show).

I really like this book its so crazy funny it becomes a must read, the characters have interesting back stories and they are engaging. Plus the jokes / puns are just so in your face. I've a lot of graphic novels; yes, aside from my love for romance novels I'm also a super comic book geek, and though I like my super-heroes being able to fly and punch a hole through a wall, I have to say sex-time stop is super power I've never thought about, but it would be interesting.

Rating 5 out of 5

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