Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I'm not sure how rednecks speak, but damn if Ms. Brookes didn't make the characters accents hilarious. This story is no love at first sight thing; its an I've known you and hated you for years but somewhere along the line I think I fell for you.

The story follows Randi Lynn Brown, she dreams of leaving her small town of Possum Hollow, Alabama and making it big in New York as model; and Skeeter Cooper, your apparent run of the mill redneck [again still not sure what a real redneck is], he dream of nothing but fishing and womanizing [or he used to until he decides to admit there's only 1 woman he wants to be diddlin (super funny word the author uses a lot)].

When Randi Lynn gets an interview with an agency in New York, she needs a ride and well Skeeter just happens to have a tournament up that way. Sparks set a blazing fire, but Skeeter want Randi Lynn to have her shot at her dream, so he goes back to Possum Hollow [do towns named like that really exist] alone and a little depressed.

Randi Lynn stays in New York happy (or so she says) that her dream of modeling has come true. As the days go by she is missing Skeeter more and more. Well she decides to cast her line one last time and reel herself a redneck.

The story is lighthearted and funny as hell, the characters are entertaining and I'm already feeling a sequel, which I will definitely buy. You will definitely have fun reading this book I know I did.

Rating 4 out of 5

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