Thursday, April 17, 2014

Something Good by Darlene Deluca

This was such a good story, its so emotionally packed.

The story focuses on Mandi Evans; Mandi used to be a really smart student headed for basically any college of her choice until she gets pregnant and her life takes a complete detour. At 25, Mandi has faced immense tragedy, has become very withdrawn and is now working two jobs and taking online classes. She feels that she doesn't deserve anything better in life. 

Lane Whitmore is an urban planner looking to submit a proposal that will improve the rundown part of town Mandi calls home. He meets Mandi at the diner she works at and what starts of as just a little fun turns into something more. Lane and Mandi bond at a deeper level.

Granted their relationship ends when Mandi makes a decision to help out a couple, but Lane being an idiot assumes the worst of her and just like that their relationship comes to an end.

Over the months Lane realizes his mistake and tries to make amends, while at first it seems too late, Lane and Mandi eventually work their way back to each other and create a friendship that strengthens their bond and love.

Ms. Deluca wrote an incredible story, the characters are so complex and well developed. As you read, you feel so much for Mandi and her struggles. she is such a good person and all of her struggles help make her the captivating character she is. Lane is good guy, granted he does make a mistake or two, but he tries to so hard to fix things. I loved the story and I'm glad that the second time around Mandi and Lane build their relationship from a friendship.

Rating 5 out of 5

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