Monday, November 16, 2015

Nothing Like a Cowboy ( by Donna Alward

Brett Harrison is divorced and has been alone for a while; it's definitely starting to show in his mood, so to help his sister decides to set him up for a little online dating.

Melly Walker is a divorcee who has decided it's time to get out there so she signs up for online dating.

The story was short, but it was nice, you get some good laughs and two people looking for a second chance in the world of online dating.

Brett was a little grouchy, but after what went down with his ex you can't blame. Melly was so nice. A small misunderstanding does add a little drama, but nothing too big that these two couldn't overcome. I would have loved a bit more on the ending, but it was still really nice and enjoyable.

Rating 5 out of 5 


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