Tuesday, September 8, 2015

One Night with Her Ex by Lucy King

18722877Hey it's totally okay to cheat if you're unhappy in your marriage because talking with your spouse is so overrated.

This story starts off five years after Lily Montgomery divorced Kit Buchanan, keyed his car and ruined all his clothes because he cheated on her. Well in that time they've both tried to move on with their lives, except Kit has a little problem. Since the divorce he can't seem to get it up; talk about a guilty conscience. 

Kit decides to seek Lily out and they hook up, shocker [insert eye roll]. Now they decide to give it another go, just one problem, okay more than one; Kit still works with the woman he cheated on, it's really Lily's fault he cheated and despite the other woman now being married it's totally okay to continue a relationship with her because she's "happily" married and those people don't cheat.

While I do generally like and enjoy Ms. King's work, I have to say this story was just not good. The characters were really unlikable; Kit was a total douche and Lily was so weak, always apologizing when Kit says "we both played a part in my cheating". The only reason I gave the story a 2 and not a 1 is that I found it hilarious that he had issues with his little friend; overall I felt Kit didn't redeem himself and Lily was an idiot for taking him back.

Rating 2 out of 5 

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