Monday, September 14, 2015

Next Stop: Love by Miranda J. Fox

Girl on her way to a new city to escape crazy mother; train oversells and with luck they're able to place her in a first class compartment. Enter cute, well he was already in there; at first he's kind of a jerk and by the end he's super sweet.

Well, Sophia Neumann just met Luca Marcs and since he was a bit of a jerk they did not hit it off. By the end of their train ride however, Luca has changed his tune, but you know what they say "first impressions count". Sophia kindly and hastily declines; as she dashes off to her interviews, guess who she sees there?

From then on it's an up and down roller-coaster that has you flipping through the pages. I would have loved this book even more if we had gotten a real confrontation between Sophia and her mother; but not to worry, we still get a whole lot of other action to keep us happily reading.

Rating 4 out of 5 

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