Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Poor Man's Guide to Suicide by Andrew Armacost

The story follows Wesley Weimer; he has 2 kids from different marriages, used to be big guy on campus back in high school [still can't get over his glory days] and is a real prick.

His parenting style is up there with Peter Griffin [you know from Family Guy]; he thinks his daughter is fat
and in the book he actually says he doesn't like his son, then he goes on to say maybe I love him, maybe I don't. That right there made me dislike him even more.

All of his problems stem from him finding excuses not to better himself and then blaming the world for his short comings. The reason he didn't go to college is his father's fault, then his wife, then his kids, then the dog's. Like man up, if you really wanted to go you could have gone.

I couldn't even like the ending because rather than saying he'll try harder to improve himself and focus on positive things, he says "I lowered my expectations"; like really.

I gave this book a 1 because the character is so despicable, you can't even sympathize with him.
Like sewing drugs into his kids backpack so he could frame the ex's boyfriend and get custody, real great parenting right there, just wow; if this were a real kid in real life, there are no words to describe the amount of therapy he would need later on. The character should have just gone ahead and killed himself.

Rating 1 out of 5

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