Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Crow: Pestilence by Frank Bill, Drew Moss (Illustrations)

This story basically feels like it starts in the middle of something we get no real back story for and its basically 80 pages of killing, killing and more killing. The story focuses on a cartel in Juarez, Mexico and drug and human trafficking.

The story follows Salvador a boxer who was going to be paid to take a dive, but instead screws his payers over, wins the fight and tries to flee with the money. The catch up to him and they kill him, and take his wife and son. Salvador comes back from the dead to exact his revenge as the Crow. The characters were very one dimensional and lacked any real depth. So I personally did not like this book, because there is nothing that makes you want to root for the main character.

Rating 2 out of 5

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