Monday, August 25, 2014

Legends of Red Sonja by Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, and Marjorie M. Liu

I think the most funny part in this book was when Gerd, one of the minor story tellers in this book suggest to Sonja that wearing a metal bikini as armor, saying that it will make her faster and that it will distract the enemy because they'll be too busy looking at her curves.

The story follows a group of bounty hunters on the hunt for Red Sonja; through their journey, they encounter many people who tell them about her greatness and her exploits, not knowing that Sonja has following them along and picking them off one-by-one; she's been leading them to where she wants them.

The entire book is basically an entire collection of short stories, it was an okay book, not great, but okay. Would I recommend it, you bet your iron bikini I would. It's always great when a woman kicks some he-man ass.

Rating 3 out of 5

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