Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Royals: Masters of War by Rob Williams

This book was awesome, the storyline was engaging and dramatic. The story takes place during World War II (yeah, I know it's been done before); however the story follows the Royal families during the war. As it turns out in this universe royals are born with superhuman abilities, like Superman type powers for some of them.

The story focuses on the British royal family and more specifically on Prince Henry an idealist with powers pretty much almost like Superman. As the war progresses and takes it's toll on their family he becomes disillusioned.

The story also focuses on his rivalry with his douchebag older brother, Prince Arthur who has powers similar to his own; and his sister Princess Rose who has psychic powers, eventually goes crazy and is killed by their father.

The story has no continuation, so you won't be buying another book or anything. The art is good, what you expect in action graphic novels. There will be some twist that will have you like WTF, I won't spoil which parts, but I will say they are good.

Raing 5 out of 5

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