Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Found: One Secret Baby by Nancy Holland

Main Girl: Rosalie Walker
Main Guy: Morgan Danby

Rosalie is a real sweetheart; she takes in her friend’s baby and wants so badly to protect the baby from his murderous father. Everything is going great until the father’s family comes into the picture and they want to take baby Joey.

Morgan has been sent to find and recover his step-brother’s baby. Just one or maybe more than one problem. He didn’t expect to actually find a baby or fall in love.

I loved the dynamic between the two characters because while women are often written as becoming all tongue tied and basically dumb when they see a good looking guy, Rosalie kicked butt. She wasn’t intimidated by Morgan and she went toe to toe with him.

We do get some crazy other characters come in and they make the drama all the more fun. The final scene was a bit mild, I felt it could have ended on a higher note, but it was still nice.

Rating 4 out of 5

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