Thursday, February 23, 2017

It Took A Rumor by Carter Ashby

Main Girl: Ivy Turner (enemy’s daughter / keeper of one too many secrets)
Main Guy: Jake Deathridge (in love with the enemy’s daughter)

Jake’s Brothers: Boone (adulterer) / Dallas (traitor) / Cody (gay)
Town Gossip: Myra Tidwell (mega-gossip/mega-bitch)

This story was absolutely hilarious with so many twist and turns.

In her town where one wrong move and it will be shared with the whole town thanks to mega-gossip/mega-bitch Myra Tidwell, Ivy Turner ends up at the center of the biggest mess of all. She’s keeping everyone’s secrets and rumors are flying as to what they can be. 

Every Deathridge brother has a secret and poor Ivy is caught in the middle. As she navigates disaster after disaster you have a love story filled with enough drama to keep you hooked.

Rating 5 out of 5

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