Saturday, February 27, 2016

3 Wishes (A Candy Hearts Romance) by Peggy Jaeger

This was supposed to be a lightweight romance between Chloe San Valentino a fine chocolates maker and Dr. Matteo "Matt" D'Amore. Unfortunately the romance between these two was overshadowed by the secondary romance in the story.

While there was a nice romantic spark between Chloe and Matt, the whole Chloe's father cheats on his wife of 40 years and then leaves her for a young gold-digger only to be forgiven after he has a heart attack. This whole side story completely detracted from the potential of this story.

Ms. Jaeger had a good thing going with the love at first chocolate between Chloe and Matt, but she killed the romantic vibe of this book with Chloe's parents.

Rating 1 out of 5 


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