Monday, June 2, 2014

Bridesmaid Lotto (McMaster the Disaster #1) by Rachel Astor

If you're looking for Shakespeare this ain't it, but if you want a feel good, light hearted rom-com well read on. Personally I liked it, the easiness of the story cheered me up. It's funny and sweet because most of us have that over bearing mother that wants to set us up with one hair brained scheme or another.

The story focuses on Josephine McMaster (Josie for short) who has an off the reservations mother, that wants to see her married, because by her standards married = happy. Josie is pretty chill/laid back and when she along with everyone in the country hear about Bridesmaid Lotto contest thrown by a rich girl and her rich fiance, who happens to be related to Jake Hall [the books Chris Evans, if you don't know who he is google him because you're missing out], she doesn't care and won't enter much to everyone's shock. But mommy dearest decides to enter Josie and well, it is Josie's book so she wins one of the coveted spots. The story ensues and shenanigans bring and the drama of a bitchy backstabbing roommate make for a good fun read.

Obviously, Josie and Jake hit it off and end the book as a couple. A lot of people felt the book was too superficial and the characters were not well developed and argued this was not a romance, which like I said at the beginning this is a PG-13 rom-com.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

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