Monday, February 24, 2014

The Ultimate Betrayal by Michelle Reid

This book follows the story of a married couple who encounter some marital problems as a result from infidelity. 

The main characters Daniel and Rachel have been married for 7 years, they married really young because Rachel became pregnant with twins. Years later through hard work and determination Daniel build a well off business empire, while Rachel is a stay at home mom and sole caretaker to their now 3 children.

The story begins with Rachel receiving a call from her so called friend Amanda, who informs her that her husband Daniel is having an affair, that he has been seen around town with another woman and that she saw him coming out of the other woman's apartment. Rachel goes into shock as she can't believe that Daniel would do something like that to her. Because Rachel hung up on her "friend" and then refused to answer subsequent calls, Amanda goes ahead and calls Daniel. Daniel rushes home and is confronted by Rachel. He doesn't deny the affair which infuriates and hurts Rachel. During this confrontation you can see what a bit of an ass Daniel can be as he is actually mad that Amanda ratted him out, he claims it was none of her business and that since it was over, Rachel never needed to know. 

As Rachel deals with the fallout she begins to realize that as Daniel grew as a person, she didn't, she remained the same in those 7 years and she attribute that to their drifting apart. Rachel decides she needs a makeover, that she needs to shed the 17 year old image she's maintained since she met Daniel. Daniel and Rachel go out, they have dinner, go dancing and while dancing, they run into Amanda who doesn't recognize the woman Daniel is with and she begins to take shots at Daniel, when he thrown at her despite her attempts he's never even been looked at her twice. It is then Rachel turns around and Amanda gets a good look at Rachel before she storms off. 

As the book progresses we see Daniel and Rachel try to work through their marriage, while at the same time trying not to affect their children who have become very aware of the conflict their parents are facing. Rachel starts to see that she stagnated in her development because everyone always tried to shield her.

Towards the end of the book we see a final confrontation between Daniel and Rachel, in which Daniel discloses that his affair was not in the physical sense as Rachel believed, but rather in the emotional sense. He explains that as work became complicated and Rachel was unavailable dealing with the sick children and too exhausted for him he began to find it easier to go out with her and enjoy a date night so to speak. 

The reason this book was good was because you substantial emotional development for the characters. The reader is showed the psychological effects the affair had on both of them and the strain it put not only on them but on the children as well. 

Rating 4 out of 5

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